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walk into dance

What makes us differentiate walking from dancing?  

Is it the direction in space? The body's axis? The speed? The repetition?

The efficiency? The musicality?  The context?

In this group performance work the dancers shift constantly between "walking" and "dancing" in order to examine where these two activities meet, and how they can co-exist simultaneously in the moving body.


The work also examines the way we are accustomed to look at other bodies in a pedestrian setting guiding the watcher's focus through the gradual transformation into a "dancer's body". The performance is a  tightly structured score based on the techniques, improvisations, sequences and images from the research period.

More information about the research in the performance project >>>

Concept and Direction:  Marcela Giesche

Dancers:  Clara Conza, Laura Eberstadt, Christine Ploschenz, Nina Salzmann, Andrea Salustri, Eve Kolinski, Franziska Doffin, Nici Koetterl, Kristina Wirth, Tim Weseloh, Ruth Pulgram, Anni Lattunen, Jemi Schmidt, MArgherita Celestino, Fabricio Belsoff, Eugenia Charlafti, Maria Sanchez.

Production:  Performance Project - Tanzfabrik @ Uferstudios

Premiere: February 11, 2015, Uferstudios, Berlin

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