U P C O M I N G :

03.04.2020 - Hauptsache Frei - Hamburg

'Will I dream during the process'

Lichhof Theter: 19.30h

by Veronique Langlott

More info: http://www.hauptsachefrei.de/special-4-will-i-dream/


T E A C H I N G :


Profitraining, 08 - 12.06.2020

MON - FRI mornings in Cologne, DE

Movement research classes

MON  I  WED  I  FRI mornings @ Lake Studios

Contemporary dance (Beginners level)

Starting again 16.4.2020 (5x Module)

Lake Studios Berlin

E-mail for registration & information.

„By choosing the frame in which we perceive ourselves and our relation to the outside world, we enter into creative and transformative states ... dance is what happens when we let the imagination run away with our bodies.“

Fire of Unknown Origin - Marcela Giesche & Monica Gentile, Photo: Irene Vergni