unstable landscapes

This group work was created for students in the Tanzfabrik Berlin Intensive program. The piece evolved from research into movement methods in relationship with the floor - allowing the direction of travel in space to be independent from the specific movement of the body itself (i.e. Moonwalk).  The physicality of the body and particularly of the group of bodies together was created to evoke the movement of landscapes and geographic elements.  Rather than to see each individual body moving the piece created the effect of the space and ground moving the group. Forces, directions in space and rhythms passing through the group of bodies creating the illusion of unstable landscapes.

Concept and Direction:  Marcela Giesche

Sound editing: Marcela Giesche

Performance:  Azzie Mccutcheon, Barbara Leonhardt, Brittany Davis, Claire Dutilleull, Danilo Alexandre,  Daria Nowak, Emma Verbeeck, Emmanuel Große, Julia Walkowiak, Maria Gorbunova, Marie Klawitter, Matilde Bignamini, Melanie Favre, Monika Wich, Peter Babbage, Shade Theret, Velia Malika Hahnemann, Gina Martin

Length: 25 minutes

Production:  Tanzfabrik Berlin, Lake Studios Berlin

Premiere: January 26, 2016, Tanzfabrik, Berlin

Further Performance: Lake Studios Berlin

Link:  https://vimeo.com/159044913