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Moving Matter

Everything is made of matter and everything is moving : our bodies, other bodies, our clothes, our stuff, the walls, the floor. Everything around us is capable of receiving and transmitting some degree of motion or vibration.

When we move our own bodies, or other material objects, we are constantly engaging efforts of push, pull, and reach in relation to the floor and the space. When we don’t engage, we fall. There is an inner perception of the timing and spatial relationships of these basic forces that we learn from a very young age as we play and explore the materiality of our surroundings.

Without interpreting, assigning meaning or symbolism to any of their actions, the dancers in the performance move through a tightly structured score with several phases: moving the matter in and around themselves. The work is multi-sensory and playful, fully immersing, and at times including the audience.  Images and  constellations appear by chance and immediately dissolve into something else.  The simultaneous order and disorder of the chaos reminds at times of natural forces at play. Although on the surface the dancers choices may appear random, what ties the work together is a underlying ritualistic and meditative quality resulting from deep attention, presence, and the simple pleasure of moving and being moved.

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Concept and Direction:  Marcela Giesche

Performance:  Shade Theret, Fergus Johnson, Melanie Favre, Izabella Luca,

Lara Bogataj,  Svanhvit Juliusdottir, Benjamin Korta, Shora Fallahi,

Julia Barrette-Laperrière, Georgina Martin Fortunato, Janne Bless, 

Jan Kollenbach, Marcela Giesche

Length:  35 minutes

Production:  Tanzfabrik at Uferstudios Berlin

Premiere: May 2017, Uferstudios Berlin

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