Left I - Right I

Left I - Right I is a film and performance developed from the different perspectives of the brain’s left and right hemi- spheres. The film shows the daily life of a young woman. The performance that follows shows her reality split in two halves: the left side presents the analytical, self-conscious half - constantly busy with form, the past and the future, whereas the right side always finds itself in the experience of the "now" - following sensations, feelings, emotions and instinct. The performance presents the embodiment of this split reality. Together the two halves make up a holistic experience. Through this performance we would like to encourage the audience to reflect on the relationship between their own "two halves".


One of the starting points of this process was Jill Bolte Taylor's TedTalk "A Stroke of Insight" which among other sources inspired the creation of this work. This work has been in development through various stages since 2012 and continues to be a work in progress and change.


Concept, Creation and Performance:  Marcela Giesche and Sonya Levin

Film Actress:  Nadja Bobyleva

Film Editing: Marcela Giesche

Prop design: Marcela Giesche

Production:  Lake Studios Berlin, DOCK 11 Berlin

Premiere: DOCK 11 - February 13-16, 2014

Further Performances:

DOCK 11, Lake Studios Berlin, Uferstudios in the frame of ISADORA Werkstatt.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/121285802

Film stills: