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Fire of Unknown Origin

„Fire emerges from a small point of friction, a catharsis -  causing the collapse of the totality. From chaos and disorder emerges a new structure or way of perceiving.”

Marcela Giesche is the founder of the Lake Studios Berlin a multifunctional artistic residency space and former carpentry, where she met Monica Gentile 4 years ago. Over time the desire to collaborate artistically arose from two contrasting interests and affinities. Marcela has a love for making order, building and construction, while Monica finds pleasure in destruction, disintegration, and taking things apart: both are processes of transformation - part of the same creative process. Together they work on blurring the line between construction and destruction – destruction as an act of creation, creation as an act of destruction.

Wood: planks, rods, wooden beams of different weights and dimensions make up the constant moving stage material together with the dancers' bodies, in a landscape of constant physical and symbolic mutation through a sophisticated process of cyclical construction and destruction of forms. After several cycles the transformation becomes more subtle – only the bodies remain, opening to the possibility of a new geometry in a feminine relation with the space.        

    – Margarita Morgantin

Video compilation Fabbrica Europa, Florence (excerpts in the middle of clip)

Concept, Creation, and Performance:  Marcela Giesche and Monica Gentile Production:  Anghiari Dance Hub (IT); Lake Studios Berlin (DE) ; SpazioK (IT)

Photo Credits:  Irene Vergni
Artistic Advisors:  Marco Mazzoni e Margherita Morgantin

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