How much of our identity is constructed by opinions and beliefs from the outside? What does it take to strip these layers away and find ourselves floating in the unknown again?  The body becomes our only reference point, timelessly rediscovering itself and its surroundings through the senses – yet carrying within, a much vaster and complex history of knowledge than we can mentally grasp.


The performance of this work is also a ritual. The presence of the audience is an essential component for the transformative power of the work. Through the performance I invite them to enter on a journey together, where I expose the vulnerability of the body and open myself fully to the unknown.

Concept, Creation, and Performance:  Marcela Giesche 

Music: Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides 'Folia'

Length: 45 minutes

Production:  Alfred University, NY (as artist in residence)

Premiere: Alfred University 2009
Further Performances:  Radial System Berlin - A'larme Festival (w. live music)

Oslo - Dansenshus, Berlin - DOCK 11, San Francisco - Kunstoff Arts