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How much of our identity is constructed from or for the outside? If it was possible to strip these layers away and find ourselves in an undefined state - what would be left? 


The transformative ritual is choreographed and  framed within a tight score of environment, set, and sound landscapes. Senses and impulses move the body through layers of physical states through a landscape of the days news.

Through the application of wet clay on the body the audience becomes a witness to the relentless transformation of time, the slippery clay slowly drying and turning to dust - conjuring archaic images and primal states in the body.

The work was created in response to the musicians Andy Moor's and Yannis Kyriakides' composed work "Folia" which was performed live with the choreography at Radial System in Berlin in the frame of the A'larme Festival.

Concept, Creation, and Performance:  Marcela Giesche 

Music: Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides 'Folia'

Length: 45 minutes

Production:  Alfred University, NY (as artist in residence)

Premiere: Alfred University 2009
Further Performances: 

Oslo - Dansenshus

Berlin - DOCK 11

San Francisco - Kunstoff Arts

Berlin - Radial System Berlin - A'larme Festival (w. live music)

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