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Matilda Rolfsson and Marcela Giesche first met in Berlin 2018, then in a trio together with Swedish pianist Sten Sandell) a- 45 min “carte- blanche” freely improvised meeting at Akademie der Künste, a performance commissioned by Louis Rasting for the 50th anniversary of the free jazz- label FMP (Free music production). In 2019 the duo performed for the first time as duo at Sound Dance Festival in Berlin. From 2020 the duo has continually been working together in Rolfson’s artistic Phd research-project “In Motion, -Movements with Directions Within“ at University of Trondheim.

Dance:  Marcela Giesche

Percussion:  Matilda Rolfsson

Premiere: Akademie Der Künstle Berlin 2019

Performances: LAKE Studios Anniversary Festival, Sound Dance Festival DOCK 11, Trondheim University, Akademie der Künste Berlin amongst others

Photo Credits: Maria Kousi                                                                                                                                                                              

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